Sunday, May 24, 2009

la meilleure actrice...

charlotte gainsbourg just won the best actress award at the cannes film festival for her performance in lars von trier's antichrist.

i am going to watch it right now.


Monday, May 18, 2009

christine v. stevie.

i have always loved fleetwood mac. for as long as i can remember.
my aunt (stephanie) looks exactly like stevie nicks and does the
whole candles, chiffon and mysticism shit, too.
i have always had a vast opening for them in my perpetually
black heart.

this weekend, a friend of mine asked me:

who do you like better: christine mcvie or stevie nicks?

like we were fucking 5 years old or something.
it isn't like asking who my favourite member of 98 degrees is.
that sort of questions requires an enormous amount of thought.

christine mcvie is an exceptional songwriter and instrumentalist
who kind of serves as the hard-working, female brain behind 
fleetwood mac (a position that she held as early as 1970).

stephanie nicks is more like the sluttier, druggier, outlandish, yet
prettier "tits and lips" contribution to fleetwood mac (a position
that she, unlike mcvie, has maintained to this day, since 1975).
she possesses the stage presence, mystique and artistry that every
musical frontwoman should. she can also dance, er, twirl like
nobody else. not even those two twirling gheys from antm can beat 
that shit. btw, what are those twins about, anyway? who the fuck
spins down a catwalk? 
gia ("on the horse")?

however, after hearing and truly listening to "songbird" today, i decided
to go with christine.
  • she is probably, at this point anyway, what you would call an eccentric. 
  • she probably didn't put as much of the bad shit up her nose as stevie did (mind you, stevie could snort marion barry under the table).
  • she was born christine anne perfect.
  • she smokes, which is cool.
  • she drinks wine. lots of wine. which is cool.
  • she plays keyboard. at 65.
  • she produced only two solo albums, the first (self titled, 1984) of which is near perfect (bella donna, 1980 had its share of duds).
  • she is british.
  • she has a haughty, yet pleasant foghorn contralto, stronger than stevie's.
  • she comes off as soft-spoken and reserved in interviews, not sounding too pissed off about being overshadowed by stevie who ultimately resurrected the dodgy pseudo-blues band that fleetwood mac were before 1975 (probably because she couldn't give a fuck about stevie nicks).

anyways, judge for yourself.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

the "p" is for perfect.

taraji p. henson is the first, and so far only actress of 2009 to make me cry during a movie. since her career has basically consisted of roles as prostitutes and hairdressers, i think this says a lot about her performance as queenie in the curious case of
benjamin button. homegirl is a university graduate who has only recently broken into mainstream features (granted, she played a stereotypical housekeeper / mammy / bedpan cleaner for elderly caucasians in "button").

i love it when classically trained thespians have to play second fiddle to completely unsuitable movie stars. take taraji - - - only three years ago, she was supporting the likes of mo'nique and tyrese gibson (in hair show and baby boy, respectively). when watching shitty "women" movies (i don't like the term "chick flicks"), i try to spot the RADA performers and juliard alumni buying lattes in the background, while matthew mcconaughey takes center stage, probably smelling like weed, cheetohs and farts.

tilda swinton, one of the greatest actresses of the past twenty years, came a very close second in making me cry for her small, but memorable role as the "plain" english woman who has sexytimes with brad pitt in the russian hotel. you know, the scene where benjamin espies her on the television set in the diner, she just having swam the english channel... oh god.

listening to cate blanchett, an australian whom everybody thinks is british, with an unnecessarily heavy nwahleans drawl, was so fucking painful. am i right? i just wanted julia ormond to put that pillow over her face so bad.

btw, i usually watch films of a much higher calibre. but today was sunday, and it was on the tv. and i was immobile, on the couch, enjoying oreo-flavoured liqueurs.

taraji should have won that shit on february 22nd.
ps. viola davis (tony winner, doubt - golden globe and oscar nominated).
give that woman a movie.