Monday, September 21, 2009

babe of the day.

gloria swanson
(march 27, 1899 - april 4, 1983)

why she's great:
  • a vegetarian since 1928, she would pack her own lunches and bring them to set
  • made her first appearance on film in 1914
  • successfully transitioned from silent pictures to talkies in the late 1920's
  • nominated for 3 academy awards, all best actress
  • has two stars on the hollywood walk of fame
  • considered one of the nicest and most cooperative actresses in the business, at the time
  • rumored to have slept with rudolph valentino
  • she was born in the nineteenth century and lived well into her eighties
  • ranked #1 on steelmagnolias' greatest performances that never won an oscar list
why she's a babe:
  • her earliest film stills. like the one above. hello?

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